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Oxy Gas & HD Plasma Profiling


CNC Plate Drilling


Bevel Head Plasma Profiling


Shear Punch Drill Fittings


Shotblasting & Painting


Section Sawing


Section Drilling

The home of steel processing

Shafton Steel Services is a large independent steel services and processing centre based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

The size capability and capacity of our processing services allow us to meet the most exacting demands of the construction and engineering industry. Sections and plate are available from our vast range of steel grades that are kept in stock or we can work on customer provided free-issue material.

We can offer a wide range of steel from one offs to multiple parts from our state of the art premises; where we have facilities to provide Oxy gas & HD Plasma profiling, plate drilling, shear punch, section cutting and drilling and we can prepare your jobs for site with shotblast and painting if required.

Our continuous investment in processing equipment, maintenance and training ensures we maintain our high quality and lead times.

We manufacture parts to your requirements from your nc files or professionally drawn by our experienced CAD team.

Here at Shafton Steel we truly believe we are ‘The Home of Steel Processing’ so why not put us to the test and contact us today.

Our Services & Processes

We are one of the best equipped steel service centres in the UK. We continue to invest in the leading technology for cutting, drilling, profiling, shotblasting and priming equipment to service our demanding customers.