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Shear Punch Drill Fittings

Our Voortman V550/10 Shear Punch line has an integrated CNC drill so we can offer a full range of hole sizes and meet all CE marking execution classes.

We have the ability to process both flat and angled sections, with both straight and bevel cut edges from our comprehensive range of stock to meet all your fitting requirements.

Technical Features:

  • Angle sections
  • Lengths up to 7000mm
  • Width/height from 50x50mm up to 200x200mm
  • Thickness from 5mm to 16mm
  • Flat Sections
  • Lengths up to 6000mm
  • Width from 50mm up to 500mm
  • Thickness from 5mm up to 25mm

Our Services Include:

  • Processing of flat & angle sections
  • CNC Drilling
  • Hard stamp ID marking
  • Punched slotted holes
  • Bevel cuts +/-45°
  • Countersinking
  • Automatic machine reading of DSTV files or full program by experienced CAD operators
  • Full range of hole sizes
  • Ability to punch both angle legs

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