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Norton Junior School visit Shafton

On 7th March, 60 children from Norton Junior School in Doncaster visited the Shafton site to learn all about the steel industry during their Science week. 

Norton Junior School Norton Junior School

In two groups, the year 6 students took a tour around the Shafton site to see how steel is fabricated and prepared for delivery. Along the way, the students were shown our latest FICEP machinery in action.

Norton Junior School Norton Junior School Norton Junior School

Lincoln Electrics very kindly offered their services and their learning system, the VRTEX Engage which is designed to introduce students to skilled trades such as arc welding. The children took their turn to have a go at virtual ‘welding’, trying to get the best score possible. As you can imagine, they were very competitive – we even had a high score of 93!

The VRTEX Engage system has a touch screen monitor, welding gun, tracking device and a work surface. It addresses introductory welding lessons, including safety, machine and process selection.

Norton Junior School Norton Junior School

We hope that they thoroughly enjoyed their visit and we wish them all the best in their future studies!

More information about the VRTEX Engage here: